Reasons to Take a Family Vacation to Ohio

Ohio, a midwestern state, stretches from the Ohio River and Appalachian Mountains in the south to Lake Erie in the north. It’s also a destination that’s perfect to take your family on a vacation.

After all, Ohio is home to amusements parks, big cities, hall of fames, and so much more. If you’re thinking about booking a family trip in the near future, then here are just some of the reasons why your destination should be Ohio.

Cedar Point and Kings Island

People travel all over the country just to visit Cedar Point, for it’s commonly referred to as The Roller Coaster Capital of the World. This 364-acre amusement park is located on a Lake Erie peninsula. It features a world-record 71 rides with 17 being roller coasters, which is the second-most in the world.

Also located in Ohio is Kings Island. If you and the family are fans of amusement parks, then these two will provide plenty of entertainment and days filled with fun, food, rides, etc.

Big city entertainment

While Ohio (and the midwest) might be known for small towns, manufacturing, and farming, the state is home to two big cities in Cincinnati and Cleveland.

While both cities offer enough for a family vacation by themselves, Cincinnati is home to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center while Cleveland is considered the Heart of Rock and Roll.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a museum that’s based on the history of the Underground Railroad. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, located in, of course, Cleveland, pays tribute and celebrates the best-known and most influential artists and other notable figures who’ve had major impacts on rock and roll.

From material handling equipment in Akron, OH to agriculture and farming to big cities, Ohio has so much to offer.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame

Ohio isn’t just home to one hall of fame, it’s also where the Pro Football Hall of Fame resides. Located in Canton, Ohio, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is the hall of fame for professional American football and attracts people from all over the world.

The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park

The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park commemorates three important figures in Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright, and Paul Laurence Dunbar. All three exceptional figures are on full display at the national park as is their work to invent human flight.

Hueston Woods State Park

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the great outdoors on a family vacation and the Hueston Woods State Park provides exactly that in the form of nearly 3,000 acres of outdoor recreation, which includes hiking, fishing, canoeing, and even fossil hunting. The park has campsites, cabins, and a resort lodge, and also surrounds Acton Lake.

The shores of Lake Erie

Finishing off this family getaway to Ohio is the shores of Lake Erie.

Via Lake Erie Shores & Islands: “A place where time moves a little slower, loved ones feel a little closer and there’s a Great Lake between you and your worries. From island hopping to birdwatching, record-breaking roller coasters to water parks, wineries to dockside dining, plus hidden gems that keep the fun going all year long. However you like to coast – you’ll find it here.”

Ohio has a lot to offer, to say the least, and whether your family journey is going to be spent in Canton, Ohio to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame or traveling from one destination mentioned above to the next, there are a wide variety of attractions, destinations, and landmarks to see for the entire family.


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