Greece! The Historical Landscape & Splendid Seaside Escape Is Opened for Tourists

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Do you want to pass your holidays on a quiet mesmerizing beach or love to explore the old civilizations? Greece is the best place to visit and fulfill your dreams. In this pandemic, get a sigh of relief through visiting the magnificent landscapes through selecting the safest airline. Greece is popular for wonderful monuments and heritage sites. Avail Qatar Airways discount code for visiting the historical Acropolis and dazzling museum in Athens. Furthermore, the Byzantine monuments, the Palace of Knossos, Old Town of Rhodes, Delphi Archaeological site and Delos museum are some of the breathtaking places that can make your visit unforgettable.

Captivating Beaches & Turquoise Water

If you want to get the pleasure of sandy beaches and turquoise waters then visit Greece where tavernas, beach bars, umbrellas and sun-beds are available to pass your days. There are secluded beaches as well where tourists enjoy serene environment, sunbathe and pass their time reading books. Greece has eye-catching beaches where interesting activities such as kite surfing, diving and boating are performed by different age groups.

Pleasing Weather

The location of Greece is on the South of Mediterranean, therefore the region is blessed with pleasing weather in summer, autumn and spring seasons. It is unusual to have a rainy day in months ranging between June and September. The temperature at day time does not exceed to 27 degrees. When you are planning summer vacation, pack a few shirts and pair of shorts.

Delicious Food

People all over the world love Greek Cuisine. Mediterranean diet is recognized for its benefits. Olive oil is essential for good health. Fresh fruits and tasty vegetables make the dishes exceptional. Greek salad and other dishes like Gyros, Moussaka, Baklava, Dolmadakia, Kalamari, Stifado, Pastitsio, Kleftiko, Fave and Spanakopita must be tasted to gratify the taste buds. For an economical visit, prefer to use Qatar Airways discount code and have a safe and budget-friendly journey.

Outdoor Fascinating Adventures

  • There are a lot of historical sites that are of great value for people who admire primeval architecture. Greece has historical sites relevant to Alexander the Great to the Great Philosopher Aristotle.
  • For active and full of life people, Greece offers endless opportunities in form of windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. Varied landscapes (especially Crete) are the favorite spots of hikers.
  • Literature students and mythology fans desire to view the ancient Greece to recall the story of Odyssey.
  • There was a time when all Greek cities used to keep peace as Olympic was organized in Olympia. Athletes from all over the world were allowed to travel safely.

Stirring Nightlife

Young as well as the old age people love the stirring nightlife. Zakynthos, los and Mykonos are the party islands. In addition to these islands, the cosmopolitan cities like Thessaloniki or Athens offer great entertainment sources to make your vacation full of fun.

After passing the lockdown period, Greece is now officially opened for sightseers having PCR negative test or fully vaccinated. Just get the benefit of Qatar Airways discount code to view plethora of beaches, quiet bays and cut off coves without compromising on your safety measures.


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