Everything You Need for a Family Camping Trip

Ever since President Teddy Roosevelt established the National Park Service in 1916, visiting scenic natural parks and spending quality family time camping in the woods has been a national past time. Visiting parks during the summer has been etched into the American ethos, getting away from city distractions and cell phone service.

As you make plans for a week or weekend-long camping trip with your family, it’s important to make sure that you have the right gear to make your trip as fun and safe as possible. This includes making sure that you have the right equipment for hiking, eating, sleeping, and getting to your destinations. This guide aims to show you everything you need for a family camping trip.

Sleeping gear

Even if you decide to go camping in the summer or live somewhere that is usually warm throughout the year, there are still nights that can be too chilly to stay outside in the open air. Make sure your tents is as big as possible so that everyone can stay warm inside it.

You can check out a variety of stores online that have sleeping bags designed specifically for the outdoors. Additionally consider packing kids pillows for your children to enjoy so that they can feel as comfortable as they would be in their beds back at home.

Safety equipment

You can’t expect emergency services to arrive right to you during an dangerous situation when you’re on a hike or camping in a remote spot. It helps to have equipment designed for fixing injuries and setting up a safe area while you wait for the helicopter to arrive and pick you up. That includes a first-aid kit that is completely stocked with everything that can keep wounds from getting infected or breaks from worsening.

Flashlights are a must, especially if you are getting back to your campsite late after a hike or need to walk to the bathroom during the night. It also helps to have headlamps so that you know where you’re going in the dark. You may look silly, but you’ll be safe.

Variety of clothes

No matter how up-to-date you are with the weather report, there is always the possibility of a surprise rain shower, or worse. Regardless of where you take your family, be sure to pack clothes that are designed for any season or temperature. This includes shorts and T-shirts for when the sun is out, as well as jackets and hats for when the temperature goes down at night.

Keeping your options open for camping clothes will allow you to avoid getting sick when it gets cold and rainy, as well as shield yourself from branches and small debris on a windy day. You can also avoid wearing clothes that are too big and can get caught in a branch and rip.


As awesome as it can be to see wild animals in person, they can be dangerous and sometimes a nuisance, depending on how big they are. This can be an even bigger problem if you or your kids have allergies to particular creatures they may or may not know about. That is why you need specific sprays and repellents on hand so that wildlife doesn’t ruin your vacation.

This not only goes for bees, mosquitoes and other annoying insects that can leave you with itchy bites. You can purchase sprays for raccoons and smaller animals that may try to steal your food. There is even spray designed to keep bears away in case you’re planning a trip deeper into the woods.

Adventure gear

Part of the camping experience includes seeking thrills, and you’ll want to bring bikes for the whole gang if you want to get some adrenaline going while you travel through the mountains. This will not only make the journey fun, but also speed up the time it takes to get through the woods so that you have time for other adventures.

We also suggest bringing a kayak along for the trip so that you can take a tour of a river and see the terrain from a different point of view. Be sure that the helmets you use on these occasions have been tested. Traveling and camping in an RV will make it easier to bring your bikes and kayaks with you.

Be sure to have all of this material on hand so that you and your family enjoy a safe and fun time in nature.

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