Top Things to See and Do in Dubai

Dubai is a shoppers’ paradise. It is a heaven for food lovers also. Some of the biggest architectural wonders of the modern world can be seen here. It is home to fantastic beaches and water parks. It is a scintillating destination, offering the possibility of a desert safari, providing an opportunity to see magnificent sunsets, and allowing the visitors to enjoy a thrilling nightlife that necessary includes belly dancing and fine dining. While you are in Dubai, you will never without an option to do some interesting things.

This is what makes Dubai a popular travel destination for vacationers from around the world. The best thing about a trip to the Middle East is that travelers can easily find cheap tickets to Dubai safari, which serves as a popular gateway to visit any destination in the region. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure and Burj al-Arab, one of the world’s costliest hotels are the most notable attractions in the city. Palm Jumeirah looks wonderful when seen from the top. Shopaholics should know that the world’s largest shopping mall is right here, in Dubai.

Most Popular Things to Do in Dubai

The popular categories of attractions that Dubai can boast of including the following:

  • Beaches: Dubai is home to some of the best beaches in the world. It is blessed with a dramatic coastline and many wonderful beaches. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing for as long as they wish while sipping their favourite drinks. Some of the most popular beaches in the city include Jumeirah Beach, Jebel Ali Beach and Mamzar Beach. Travellers should contact a recognized travel agent for information regarding Cheap Tickets to Dubai.
  • Desert Safari: Where else can you experience a desert safari that also includes a fascinating evening filled with fun, dances and culinary delights? This is one of the reasons why the city is favoured by luxury travellers. It is just a great experience to sit on the back of a camel and explore areas like the Hajar Mountains and Hatta. Overnight safari comes with camping and overnight stay in the desert safari Dubai price while jeep safari is great for families and casual visitors. Sandboarding: Many times you heard about snowboarding or snow skiing but what you may not hear is sandboarding. It is a unique activity that is associated with Dubai desert. When you take an entry into Dubai desert then you can go for this enjoyable activity.

There is only a need to wear eye protector, fasten your feet over sand board and then start skating on desert slopes made up of soft sand particles. There are two main forms of dune bashing. The first form of dune bashing gives you a chance to hire a quad bike and start riding across Dubai VIP desert safari. The second form of dune bashing is suitable for those who don’t know much about riding but they like to experience this activity. Dubai tour operator hires an expert driver who drives a 4WD vehicle on an uneven surface of the desert in a very smooth manner. You have never been tried such an experience before in your life.

  • Shopping: The most obvious reason why people come to Dubai is shopping. It is regarded as the world’s shopping center by many tourists. It is home to many biggest malls in the world. Apart from the modern shopping, visitors can also experience its traditional souks, which sell everything from spices to gold. The Gold Souk is Dubai is a must-visit place as you are likely to find here the cheapest gold in the world. This gives you enough reason to seek information for cheap tickets to Dubai and take an early flight for a wonderful vacation.

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