What to do if when you lose your visa and passport?

Do you know what the horrible holiday-nightmare is?

It is often considered ‘’unimaginable’’ but losing your visa and passport comes with so many risks and troubles. This can result in unanticipated costs, significant delays, and many inconveniences. But the biggest risk a person could face is the risk of identity theft and you never know it could be used in illegal activities.

After knowing all these consequences one can only wish to have a magic wand to get his passport and visa back or maybe you wish for a substitute of this physical documentation as most of our important documentation is digitalized now. Having an online visa or electronic visa can be a most needed solution for this critically risky situation.

Tolga Akcay is a passionate and successful business person who is working on the latest technology to digitalize human passports and visas to get a far better experience with immigration issues. ExVisa.com is an unavoidable need for immigration, emigration, and dislocation issues to stop illegal immigration and provide a carefree traveling experience to travelers from all around the world. Exvisa is using a highly secured technology of transparent blockchain that is hacker-proof and it assures the safety and security of your sensitive information only available for concerned authorities. Exvisa is possibly going to be the additional layer of protecting states, international security, regions, and countries.

So, hope for the quick conversion of traditional immigration setups to the innovative Exvisa technology. Till then in case of losing your passport and visa, you need to take the following essential steps.

  • Head to the nearest police station to your location and get a police report for a stolen or lost passport. This report must be officially translated into English or Arabic. In a country where these two languages are not officially used, obtain a police report in the required language.
  • Very next step is to make contact with the embassy of your region to get emergency travel documents to go back to your country and apply for a new passport.
  • Take a new passport photo and fill out an application for a new passport in the embassy. It is also required to record your statement regarding the stolen or lost passport.
  • You need to pay a normal passport fee to get your new passport, but in case of being a victim of a serious crime or disaster, you need to name someone who can pay your passport fee.
  • After this whole procedure completed you can get your new passport within 24 hours according to the urgency of traveling you have. In some cases, it can take more than one day to get your new passport.
  • Every country has its own way of dealing with the passport and visa loss issues, but with a little variation in procedure overall working criteria for your passport issuance application will be the same.

Passport and visa are the documents need your special attention and care during traveling. Take care of your sensitive documents and move to the Exvisa services to get rid of all these undesirable circumstances.


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