The Best Brands of Luggage

Which luggage brand is best depends on a few factors like: a) your perception of what is THE best!

(B) Your intended purpose for luggage (think first-class travelers versus world-wide backpackers) (c) Your expenditure (you want to choose the best you can afford without wasting your money) (d) Your intended frequency of use for luggage (consider durability) (e) What features you find necessary (e.g. color, wheels, telescopic handles, coordinating sets, etc.) Depending on your own experience and a number of other factors, the choice is subjective. There are market champions, though, who have a reputation for being the finest, and without a doubt one of these is Samsonite. If you’re just making a trip or you’re planning to use the luggage item relatively rarely, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Beware of a too cheap deal because they are often too good to be true and the contents of your baggage may not withstand your journey with the luggage handlers.

One of the most important considerations before the manufacturer when considering the latest luggage is what you plan to use the luggage for. If you’re preparing a worldwide backpack then you’ll need an excellent quality backpack from a reliable outdoor supply store, not the newest in hard case technology from Samsonite! Nonetheless, if you are preparing multiple long-haul trips across continents, you need a long-lasting case that will survive foreign handling rigors. You want a tried and tested manufacturer in this case who offers a guarantee against defects on their products.

Once the purpose of your new luggage has been established, you now need to identify the brand leaders and do some research on their available products. Check out Samsonite, Victorinox (Yes-the Swiss Army knife’s maker is doing luggage now!), TravelPro, Hartmann and Tumi. New range goods are often pricey as they have all the latest features and the advantage of any new technological improvements. And, if you’re budget-conscious, you might purchase older sets, often with heavily discounted rates but having the longevity and knowing the company offers no additions or color options without the most up-to-date.

Many companies are constantly engaged in finding new and innovative ways to provide their customers with the best quality commodity at the best prices. Then these goods go through many hours of rigorous research to make sure you get a commodity that will last not just one ride, but multiple trips for many years. Samsonite is one such brand that provides this service consistently and offers a guarantee to support their claims.

If you are looking for the best luggage brand to spend your money considering the claims made on the labels, the length of the guarantee, if available, and their reputation. Tell the family and friends what baggage they are using as word of mouth is sometimes the best recommendation.

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