Take Advantage Of All Inclusive Vacation Offers For A Great Time At A Great Price

All inclusive vacation packages are great for getting the best price available for a dream vacation. All inclusive however needs to be understood and defined unless you end up at your travel destination and find out then what it doesn’t cover.Many all inclusive vacation packages are simply designed by a travel consolidator who has passed on bulk discount rates to you. A consolidator may book a block of rooms at a favorite vacation destination. They will then contact rental car companies and get a great rate on cars, then finally pre-reserve air tickets to that destination. Because the consolidator has booked in blocks, the overall cost per person is much lower and they pass much of this savings through to the vacationing traveler.

Now this isn’t however, in the true sense of the word, an “all inclusive” vacation package. This is why it’s important to understand what all inclusive means to the travel group or agent who you are working with.One of the most popular all inclusive vacation packages is actually the cruise ship industry. Here’s they break things into 4 distinct categories.1. AIRFARE: Your airfare to get to the ship. This can be purchased from the cruise ship company though it’s sometimes possible to get lower fares. The trade off here is that with cruise ship airfare, the cruise line takes responsibility for your trip from the very start.2: ONBOARD Or being on the cruise ship. accommodations as in a cabin or stateroom are a given. But they also include all meals, snacks, and most basic drinks other than alcoholic beverages. Onboard entertainment is also included.3. GRATUITIES and EXTRAS We’re talking about tipping the personnel onboard the ship. This is your responsibility. Though technically optional, it’s considered good manners to tip at least according to the recommendations easily obtained from the cruise ship company.4. OFF SHIP EXCURSIONS: Anything you’re interested to do while visiting other places off the ship is your responsibility. It’s also not mandatory and there’s lots of things to do and see for free.

Many resorts have also been designed around true “all inclusive” offers. some very high end resorts have taken this to an extreme by removing money from much of the resort. Guests use special resort tokens, or simply a card to make it a more enjoyable vacation.At some of the more popular tourist destinations like Disney World in Florida, it’s possible to get package deals that also include deep discounts on admission to the various parks in the area.An all inclusive vacation can be a great way to save big money on a popular destination getaway. Simply understand what is and is NOT provided and plan accordingly. Have a great time and save money while enjoying your all inclusive vacation package!

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