Italy Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are furnished accommodations available on a temporary basis for tourists. Vacation rentals are becoming an increasingly popular option, as they give you more privacy, a unique and very personal touch to your holiday, and an opportunity to absorb the local culture from close quarters.Italy provides a wide range of choices. Depending on your budget you can rent anything from a humble one-room flat to a private villa or a castle with a dozen bedrooms and a private pool. You can pick a farmhouse or a cozy cottage nestled in a small town, or an accommodation in the middle of a bustling city.There are many corporate housing service providers who maintain a network of furnished accommodations across Italy. This way, you don’t have to search for a new accommodation whenever you go to a new place in Italy. They cater to tourists traveling on a shoestring budget and to those who want to live in the lap of luxury.

They offer different packages depending on your budget and the duration of your stay, which could be one day to one year. These holiday homes provide a refreshing contrast to the impersonal atmosphere of hotels. You are provided with all the necessary appliances to do your own cooking and washing. It offers you great flexibility, in addition to saving money.The Internet can give you a good idea about the location of these accommodations, the facilities they offer and the price range. You can book the accommodations online by making a down payment through a credit card, check or bank transfer. The balance can be paid later as per the rules of the service provider. Most rentals run from Saturday afternoon to the next Saturday morning.There are families who rent out a room or two in their private residence. Italians are known for their friendly disposition and hospitality. Staying in such family accommodations adds an altogether different aspect to your vacation. You get to taste the most authentic local flavors, at half the price of restaurants. Women travelers tend to prefer this kind of arrangement, as it offers them better protection in a foreign city. If you are planning an extended stay you can make it the ‘home base’ and travel to other places of interest.

However, you’d better confirm the credentials of the family before taking up their offer. Many of them are registered with commercial holiday package providers. Choose unregistered ones only on the references of friends and relatives who stayed with the family earlier. Remember, should you get into any sort of trouble contact the nearest US embassy immediately.

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