Cancun Spring Break Vacations

Cancun – located at the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula – is one among the hottest spring break destinations in the United States. Every year the island resort welcomes more than 200,000 spring breakers, especially American college students. Cancun is regarded as the world’s largest destination for collegiate spring breakers from the U.S.The tropical paradise offers everything needed for a memorable spring break vacation. The perfect weather, the beautiful white sand beaches, the warm ocean waves, and the unlimited recreational activities are some of the many reasons for choosing Cancun as a top spring break destination.

Many celebrity events, including MTV’s spring break program, are hosted at the beachside. Cancun also offers a wide variety of water sport activities including windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and parasailing. Throughout the city, you can find a fine number of hotels and resorts, to make your vacation a great one. At night, dozens of nightclubs and bars open their doors to incredible light shows and theme parties.A U.S. citizen traveling to Cancun should carry a valid passport or a state-issued birth certificate. Non-US citizens should contact the Mexican Tourist Board or the nearest consulate for entry requirements. All minor travelers should have a tourist card, which can be obtained from Mexican Consulates, airline check-in counters or travel agencies.In Cancun, government-regulated taxis are available for public transportation. Public bus service is available at an affordable rate, around $.50 per ride. Before renting mopeds or other vehicles, it is always advisable to purchase third-party insurance.Due to the increase in the number of violent incidents, law enforcement is out in full force during the spring break. The legal drinking age in Cancun is 18 years, even though it is not uniformly enforced. Drinking in public places, streets and public transport vehicles is strictly prohibited. No firearms should be carried in vehicles. The law can impose harsh penalties for violations.

You can book Cancun spring break vacations from your trusted local travel agent. It is always better to depend on an agency which is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). Moreover, find out whether they offer any special spring break vacation package.

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