How to select the best of the luxury Rajasthan Tours!

Rajasthan is one state in India, which is not similar to any other in the country. It has a very distinct aura, captivating architectures and intriguing fables that can mesmerize any traveler. Most of the tourist attractions in this state have an air of grandeur to it. It is often considered to be the place of the royal heritage. It is flooded with age old palaces of the famous kings of the past. However, Rajasthan is not just about that. It has many other attributes too, which makes it extremely intriguing for the people visiting Rajasthan. While most people have a rough idea of what Rajasthan will be like, before visiting it, but in reality it is many times more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine. This place has beautiful art and architecture, deserts, diverse flora and fauna, forts, palaces, rivers, lakes and many wonderful experiences which make it an excellent place to visit during the holiday season. The Rajasthan luxury tours offer a grand time in this part of the world. Rajasthan has hotels and resorts in categories from five stars to premium luxury. Moreover, the people being very warm and welcoming, add to the charm of the place. All these factors make Rajasthan a very tourist friendly place. When planning your luxury Rajasthan tour, it is important not to skip any of the must see places. The following are some of the sights that you should not miss when you visit the land of palaces.


It is one city which is extremely popular among tourists. It is therefore included in almost all the Rajasthan luxury tours for the visitors. It is often referred to as the ‘Venice of the east’, because of the presence of many beautiful lakes and also has been ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in India by Conde Nast Traveler. This place is filled with heritage sites like palaces, gardens, museums etc.  It is also renowned for its handicrafts industry which showcases the craftsmanship of the wonderful artists residing in this city.


A luxury Rajasthan tour is incomplete without a visit to Jaipur. It is not only one of the main cities of the Golden Triangle but also the capital city of the state of Rajasthan. The most famous sight here is the ‘Amer Fort’ which is an existing proof of the grand lifestyle of the Rajput clan. Jaipur is also known as the pink city as one can see a dominant use of stones of such color in most construction across the city.


Like the pink city of Jaipur, Jodhpur too has a prominent color and it is Blue! Known as the ‘blue city’ of Rajasthan, this one houses the famous Mehrangarh fort with some captivating views of the city. Most luxury Rajasthan tours include a visit or stay at the royal Umaid Bhavan Palace, which has been termed as one of the top palace hotels in the world.


Another popular destination of Rajasthan luxury tours is Bikaner. It is one of the two main desert cities of Rajasthan, besides Jaisalmer. Bikaner is not only famous for its desert but also the intricate architectures found in some beautiful heritage structures called Havelis, throughout this small town.


Yet another not-to-miss destination would be Jaisalmer. Rajasthan luxury tour packages offer a visit to Jaisalmer through road travel via Bikaner or Jodhpur. Recent small flights have been introduced for travel between Jaipur and Jaisalmer though but it does not have a big commercial airport. Another alternative is to fly to Jodhpur which is the nearest commercial airport and then drive to Jaisalmer which can take around six hours.

Besides the above, more cities like Mandawa, Pushkar etc. can be inculcated in your luxury Rajasthan tours. You can contact a travel specialist here to get your own private tour tailor-made as per your specific requirements.

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