Trip to Venice

The Venetian Way: 5 Things to do When in Venice

The marvellous and ensnaring city of Venice has is a city that seems like it is suspended on the water in a dream-like state. The contour of its waterways make for the perfect for the loveliest tours one can imagine. Apart from the enchanting gondola rides, the capital city of the Veneto region is also famous for its architecture and of course artwork that dates back even before the Renaissance. Getting to Venice is easy but figuring things out once there can be little tedious, and so it is advised that you plan your trip beforehand. Although if you do not want to do it yourself, worry not, head over to TripHobo where you can find well researched, pre-planned travel itineraries, which will get you sorted.
So set your relax-on and chill out, because we are off to Venice.

Gondola Ride

This has to be at the very top because you just have to do this. Why move around from one island to another on the road and face the traffic when you can hop on a boat? Even if you are not going anywhere, you can have a leisurely float on an iconic boat. Such fine times would make you want to rhyme. Admire the beautiful city around you while sipping on a margarita. Seriously, you cannot go to Venice and miss this unique experience.

One, Square, for All

The best way to describe the majestic Piazza San Marco would be in the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, “The drawing room of Europe”. Yes, it will be crowded most of the time but for a good reason. The holy trinity of Venetian attractions is on this single square. The St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Torre dell’Orologio. Each of them is a testament to glorious time. The basilica stands as a living link of the city of Venice with Byzantium. Doge’s Palace was once the hub for all things political and the judiciary and the Torre dell’Orologio is a marvellous clock tower that was constructed sometime between 1496 and 1506.

The Masters of Art

From the grandmasters like Titian, Canaletto, Tintoretto, all the to Tiepolo, Venice is a repository of such great and precious works that it will blow your minds. Such masterpieces are worth experiencing first hand because pictures seriously don’t do justice. Like Robin Williams’ character asks Matt Daemon’s character in Good Will Hunting, “I bet you can’t tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel. You’ve never actually stood there and looked up at the ceiling”. In Venice you will actually get a chance to stand in front of works like ‘Assumption’ (Titian), ‘Crucifixion’ (Tintoretto), the frescos of Tiepolo, and many more.

Venetian Delights

While talking about Venice, you might forget one obvious but crucial fact. Venice is in Italy! And that implies their mouth-watering cuisine. You can get your favourite Italian dishes in Venice, yes, but on top of that, Venetians have they’re own unique and traditional recipes. Be it oca in onto or goose in fat (its own fat!) or fish (freshwater) in soar(sour), you will not be disappointed.
So book your tickets now and embark on a magical journey.

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